Tempurpedic Mattress Review

Your back, hips and other parts of your body need adequate support when you sleep, the kind of support that comes with a properly constructed and well-balanced mattress. A cursory look around will reveal many mattresses that loudly declare their ability to provide such support. However, the

The Tempurpedic mattress has undeniably filled that void because of its flawless construction, state-of-the-art materials, flexible layers, and aesthetics.

Well, the Tempurpedic mattress was first introduced to the world by the Fagerdala World Foams – a Swedish foam firm. However, it had only been debuted on the American market in 1992. The parent company, Tempur-Pedic International Inc has been manufacturing both mattresses and pillows from viscoelastic foam for 25 years and are now a publicly traded company.

Tempur is a material that was originally developed through NASA’s research. NASA aimed to create a material that provided adequate cushioning for aircraft seats and increased the chances of survival in case of an accident.

They ended up with a state-of-the-art material that is safe and durable.

Of course, you cannot go out and experiment with all of the mattresses on the market so allow us to do it for you. Let us test Tempurpedic against memory foam and latex – the two most popular options in the market today.

Tempur Versus Memory Foam and Latex



Tempur: It is well known for conforming to the shape and weight of your body. However, unlike other materials with a similar characteristic, it resumes its precise original form night after night for years.

Memory Foam: It is a highly active material that also follows the contours of your body, but after years of constant use it can begin to sag and lose density.

Latex: It also conforms to your body like the other two. However, it also does not keep its original form after a while because it has limited elasticity since it came from a rubber tree.


Temperature regulation

Tempur: It responds to your body temperature and regulates the heat and the cold creating an ideal sleep environment.

Memory Foam: On its own, it has an element of breathability. But for adequate cooling, most manufacturers tend to infuse it with a cooling gel technology.

Latex: Unfortunately, latex has a reputation for being too hot. It also utilizes cooling gel technology to regulate temperature.



Tempur: This NASA creation was developed to withstand high altitudes and crashes, the material, therefore, can survive the wear and tear of sleeping bodies very well.

Memory Foam: Foam can last for quite a while if it has the right density.

Latex: Latex gives the Tempur material a run for its money. It is an unyielding option which will give you service for decades, same as the Tempur.


Sleep Isolation

Tempur: This material keeps the motion on each side of the bed separate ensuring that your sleep remains undisturbed. It has a reputation for maintaining impeccable smart movement.

Memory Foam: Memory foam can also offer impeccable sleep isolation when properly constructed.

Latex: Latex has a reputation for excellent sleep isolation. It is considered one of the greatest smart-motion available in the market today.


Pressure point relief

Tempur: The main reason for disturbed sleep is pain and discomfort especially when pressure points openly press against the mattress since tempur conforms to your body it reduces the chances of pressure points getting exposed to mattress pinches.

Memory Foam: One of the advantages of Memory foam is its ability to relieve pressure points. It is extremely responsive because it tends to cradle your body’s pressure points alleviating the painful pressure.

Latex: Latex can be hard especially if the mattress is an extra firm constitution. It makes it miss the mark of pressure point alleviation in some instances. It can, however, be softened with a mattress topper to meet this need.



Tempur: It is resistant to microorganisms like dust mites, bugs and other parasitic elements making it the top choice for people who suffers from allergies.

Memory Foam: Memory foam is more prone to unwanted microorganism compared to the Tempur and Latex. It is also constructed with petroleum and other chemicals which can be unsafe for people suffering from allergies.

Latex: This is considered one of the safest options in the mattress construction industry. It is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, bed bugs and the like.


The review

1.) The GrandBed II by Tempur-Pedic



Luxury and functionality

The Luxury:

The features of the GrandBell II balance out well with the quality of service it provides. It is fitted with an extra thick layer of the new Tempur-HD material which is plush like a pillow. The finishing has exquisite tailoring with a quilted silk and cashmere blend cover that has diamond embossed microsuede sides. This mattress has a soft quilted feel with the backing of a firm but lushly yielding support.


The Functionality:

The Tempur-HD material minimizes the discomfort of pressure points. It also mitigates sleep disturbance because of movements from the other side of the bed. The mattress is an allergen and dust mite resistant.

It comes with the 90-night home trial period similar with all Tempur-Pedic Swedish mattresses. It also has a 20-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.


The verdict:

The GrandBed II meets both criteria satisfactorily giving you your money’s worth. It is a well thought out blend of support and indulgent comfort.


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2.) Tempur – Pedic Flex Hybrid Elite King size mattress



Support and Functionality

The Support:

Weighing 186.5 pounds this offering from Tempur – Pedic is thick and dense enough to provide more than adequate conforming back support. It has Tempur-ES and Tempur –adapt materials which determine the feel of the mattress. The two ensures the balance is struck with the mattress being comfortable but firm enough.


The Functionality:

It keeps microorganism like dust mites, bed bugs, and other parasites away. The use of Tempur-ES and Tempur –Adapt allows the mattress to cater to a wider demographic since one brings comfort and the other brings adaptability to the firm constitution of the mattress.


The verdict:

Considering the difficulty, most mattress manufacturers encounter in trying to achieve the perfect balance of function and support; the Flex Hybrid Elite King has done an excellent job of merging the two. It has a high level of firmness that has been tempered to make it functional.


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3.) New Tempur-Pedic Flex Prima Queen Mattress



Support and comfort


The Support:

This option has a flexible level of firmness that allows the pressure points to be gently encased in its fold. The stability offers conforming back support that helps to align your spine correctly for a pain-free night devoid of tossing and turning. It is also resistant to dust mites, bugs and other microorganisms that would ordinarily infiltrate a mattress and destroy its solid construction.


The Comfort:

The Tempur – flex Prima has a fast adapting support technology which allows it to follow your body contours. It also has a high loft super stretch cover which adds a layer to the top of the bed.

For further comfort, it comes fitted with a base layer which controls the temperature by dispersing the body heat. It is in addition to the moisture which also aids in temperature regulation for a much cooler comfortability.


The verdict

This mattress will hold the fort down when you need a firm support that still has a welcoming backdrop. At 133.5 pounds it is just the right density for a comfortable sink effect.


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4.) Tempur-Pedic Double (Full) contour Elite MattressTempur-Pedic Double (Full) Contour Elite Mattress Only



Support and Comfort


The Support:

As the name suggests, it provides much-needed support to your back, hips, and shoulder which are pressure points for a lot of people. It allows your body weight to be evenly distributed onto it by following the contours of your body in whatever sleeping style you are in. Made from Tempur Material in Medium Firm it stays stable even after years of use.


The Comfort:

The Tempur-Pedic Double (Full) Contour Elite has comfort layers courtesy of the tempur material. The material conforms to your body preventing contact between your pressure points and the mattress surface allowing you to enjoy a comfortable night.

It also features a stretchy cover that is made up of premium fabric. For a touch of sophistication, the gray upholstery on the side is a great addition.


The verdict:

If you are seeking proper support for pressure point alleviation, then this is the best option. The product is also infused with just the right amount of layering to keep you comfortable.


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5.)Tempur – Pedic Cloud Supreme Mattress



Luxury and Comfort


The Luxury

The most highly recommended bed in America has a plush and luxurious feel to it. It also features the extra-thick layer of the all new Tempur-ES material. This feature allows it to conform to your body giving you the opportunity to enjoy the pillow because it is profound and extra soft. It also has a quilted top, giving it a luxurious quilted feeling.


The Comfort

The Tempur – ES material also comes into play with the comfort levels of this mattress. It absorbs the pressure from your body and evenly distributes it all over the mattress, so you are not confined to a sink hole in the middle.

The mattress also features a Dual AirFlow system which allows breathability for the base layers giving the mattress a cool touch. It also reduces motion transfer which prevents you from getting disturbed if you or your partner tossed or turned.


The verdict:

This product is somewhat similar to the GrandBed II with just a few additional touches. It caters your luxuriant side while without compromising comfortability.


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Tempur – Pedic Mattresses is one of the best mattress construction company out there. Their products are the best you can find on the market today. The mattresses have consistently delivered on all their selling points making them the best in the business.


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