Simmons Beautyrest Mattress Review

Mattresses have been a part of man’s sleeping pattern from as far back as the Stone Age. However, nothing says luxury bed better than Simmons Beautyrest Black mattresses. In 1925 Simmons gave the world a groundbreaking advancement in mattress construction: the pocketed coil spring. Today, the advanced version of the pocketed coil technology is exclusive to the Simmons Beautyrest Black series of mattresses which sets them apart from other Simmons mattress.

Made of triple stranded coils – the Simmons Beautyrest Black mattress line boasts of durability, enhanced support and motion isolation. Although vital that these qualities, among others, have always been fundamental in the construction of all the ranges of Simmons mattresses, the black series is fitted with a few rather interesting additions like an adjustable base among others.

Let us begin our Simmons Beautyrest Black journey.


The Genesis

From its very inception Simmons has been committed to creating exceptional mattresses. The Beautyrest Recharge, Beautyrest Recharge world class and Beautyrest recharge hybrid editions are powerhouses in their right. They paved the way for the Beautyrest Black series with their design, construction, and advanced technology.

But what makes Simmons, Beautyrest Black so special?


Micro diamond Memory foam

The micro diamonds found in the foam are instrumental in cooling your body. They draw the heat emitted by the body away keeping the mattress surface which results in you feeling cool.


Advanced pocketed coil technology

This coil technology has propelled the beautyrest black series onto another level of comfort and luxury. This is because it provides you with an incredible back support that conforms to your spine alignment alleviating pain and discomfort. It also takes pressure points into consideration and offers the right support for those parts of your body.


Surface Cool plus fibers

These fibers are laid vertically and provide additional cooling of the mattress surface. They absorb the heat and then let it dissipate leaving the surface breathable and cool.

All the mattresses in the beautyrest black edition fall into three categories: Plush, firm and pillow top. Below is a review of the best black mattress in each category


The best simmons beautyrest black mattresses of 2017


1.) Beautyrest Black Tatiana Ultra Plush Pillow Top Mattress King Beautyrest Black Tatiana Ultra Plush Pillow Top Mattress, King



Beautyrest once again have succeeded in constructing a luxury mattress that gives comfort and meets other extensive needs at the same time. Since its release in April of 2016, the Beautyrest black Tatiana Ultra plush pillow top mattress has received raving reviews for its motion isolation and body conformity.



It comes with already assembled and ready to use from the packaging. The beautyrest black Tatiana ultra plush pillow top king mattress features the surface cool plus fiber which conducts your body heat away from the mattress surface making it cooler. The black ice memory foam (which is gel technology that has been incorporated to the micro diamond memory foam) also helps in cooling the mattress surface as it makes the mattress breathable.

The mattress’s latex and memory foam construction is geared towards conforming to your body contours. The result is pressure relief and enhanced back support. For good measure, simmons also gives you a 10 year limited warranty which is fairly enough time to guarantee you their support as you use this product.


Benefits of use

–    Individualized pack support

–    Smart motion isolation

–    Relief on pressure points


Bottom line

The beautyrest black Tatiana ultra-plush pillow top mattress promises a distinctively restful and restorative sleep experience. It has been constructed with a luxurious end result in mind after all.


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2.) Beautyrest Black Evie Plush – amazon

Boasting of its ability to give you luxurious sleep after a harrowing multi-tasking work day/week, this offering from beautyrest black edition is equipped with all the luxury trappings it claims to deliver. Weighing 151.1 pounds, it is plush, comfortable and easily conforms to every sleeping pattern.



Working together, various components of this mattress make it more effective in providing a comfortable and luxurious experience. The advanced pocketed coil technology, for example, works in tandem with the dynamic response foam for a perfectly balanced conforming back support. The Aircool memory foam on the other hand follows the contours of your body to effectively alleviate any pain from pressure points all over your body.

As is a staple in beautyrest black series mattresses, the provision for a self cooling mattress surface has been factored into the construction of the Evie plush. The top of the mattress is layered with the sleep climate surface technology that dissipates heat and then finished with an exclusive changeable plush fabric meant to keep the mattress surface cool at all times.


Benefits of use

–    Extensive conforming back support

–    Helps relieve pressure points

–    Allows comfortable sleep


Bottom line

The Evie Plush mattress from the beautyrest black edition has been built around the mantra that the ultimate reward for a hard worker is a deep, comfortable and restful sleep. As such it provides enough firmness for those who seek a firm surface while still maintaining a softness and malleability to keep it balanced thus guaranteeing you a luxurious level of sleep


3.) The Simmons Beautyrest black hope Plush – Amazon


This is a self-confessed neutrally comfortable mattress. It does not lean towards the firm surface lovers or soft sinking feeling preferring user. Neither does it favor only the back, stomach or side sleeper. It is a perfect match for all types of sleepers.



The Simmons beautyrest black hope plush utilizes the Sleep climate surface with TENCEL which has been incorporated into the mattress’s quilt.  It has the GelTouch brushed into the micro diamond foam in order to enhance its capacity to cool the mattress surface. When both of these are combined the mattress provides the ideal sleep temperature.

It has been constructed with the dynamic response memory foam and a micro advanced pocketed coil to provide your back with much needed support and pressure point relief. The alternating advanced Pocketed coil system ensures that there is minimal motion transfer when you and your partner are sleeping. It also comes fitted with the Aircool BeautyEdge foam encasement which keeps the consistency of the mattress the same no matter where you sleep on it.


Benefits of use

–    Back conforming support

–    Pressure point relief

–    Motion isolation


Bottom line

The beautyrest Black hope plush caters for all sleepers. The comfort level remains the same whether you are on your back, stomach or side. With the black hope Plush luxury has been given the forefront and it shows.


4.) Beautyrest Black Alexia Extra Firm Mattress King Beautyrest Black Alexia Extra Firm Mattress, King



Weighing roughly 147.2 pounds with dimensions of 79.5 x 76 x 12 inches, the beautyrest black alexia extra firm is best suited for people seeking a notably firmer surface. It features all the trademarks of the beautyrest black edition from the cooling technology to the luxuriant comfort levels.



The advanced pocketed technology once again comes into play as is characteristic with the black edition. With this technology, the mattress provides you with proper spine alignment allowing you to sleep better and healthier. It also features the dynamic response memory foam (Aircool memory foam) which increases back support while you sleep and conforms to your pressure points.

To ensure your body temperature remains ideal as you sleep, it is fitted with a sleep climate surface technology. This works by drawing the heat away from your body and dissipating it. The fabric is luxurious while remaining comfortably cool.


Benefits of use

–    Pressure point relief

–    Back support

–    Smart Motion isolation


Bottom line

Just like its predecessors before it in our list, the Beautyrest Black Alexia Extra Firm mattress provides quality and has a long service life. Geared as it is towards someone with a preference for an extra firm surface, it is limited in meeting the needs of the wider majority of consumers because it caters mostly to back and stomach sleepers. However, it still offers that rich feel that is the hallmark of Beautyrest Black series of mattresses.


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Customer reviews

Customers across the board have pleasant and satisfactory things to say about the Simmons Beautyrest Black edition of mattresses. Some have called them the best mattresses on the market today while others extol their ability to mitigate pain after years of painfully sleeping on other mattresses. On the other hand, some people complain of overheating which overrides the luxuriant aspect of the beds.



Lovers of the Simmon Beautyrest mattresses have cause to celebrate. The black edition has been designed to cater to a high-end market that likes to have and enjoy the finer things in life.

However, it hasn’t stopped there.

It has build up technology around this edition that will serve other lines down the line retaining the same quality for years to come. For many consumers, this is good news that will keep them loyal to the brand for a long time. The plus side is that the customer loyalty will be repaid by the production of quality products from Simmons mattresses that meet their needs.


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