Intellibed Mattress Review

Knowledge will invariably determine whether you find the best solution for a problem or not. For the founder of Intellibed, Bob Rasmussen, the problem was the lack of a mattress that promoted sweet, deep, and a blissful sleep. The knowledge came from his experience as a designer for 30 years in high-tech cushioning. He firmly believed that the type of mattress you have affects the kind of sleep you will get.


The IntelliBed line of mattresses has the innovation that meets every mattress requirement. Frankly, it is in a stratosphere of its own in achieving comfort, luxury, and support. It is very durable which is why the Intellibed gives the customer a 30-year warranty, unlike other high-end mattresses which can only offer a 20-year warranty.


Intellibed’s History

After years in the high-tech cushioning industry, founder, Bob Rasmussen found a problem that he wanted to solve. According to Rasmussen, the quality of mattress support, durability, and general construction had become compromised and flawed.

After over three decades in designing and fixing beds, his keen eye picked out repeated problems with mattresses that put consumer safety at risk. So he fixed the problem through this artistic innovation called the Intellibed. The construction of the Intellibed is based on meticulous crafting. Keep in mind though that Intellibed is not just a mattress. It’s a solution!


The Science behind Intellibed

Bob consulted with leading doctors and therapist throughout the US while he was developing and testing products in the field of high-tech cushioning. That’s how he learned the monumental challenge of cushioning and supporting the human body.

The Intellibed mattress is deemed a solution for support challenges that come with conventional mattresses. It conforms to the movement of your body and tangibly soothes the pressure points on your body.

Before you buy an Intellibed mattress, it is important to answer the following questions:


What is an ideal sleep surface?

To answer this all too important question we must understand what the body requires when it is lying down.

Structurally our bodies need two things:

  •    It needs good back support so that your skeletal structure is aligned in the least stressful state.  
  •    It needs pressure relief on the hips and shoulders, so we don’t toss and turn all night.


In a sense, it is a delicate balance between achieving support for the right spots on the body without comprising overall comfortability when lying down.

The combination of the Intellibed’s design has managed to achieve that delicate balance for unparalleled comfort that is unmatched by any other mattress.


What makes a good back support?

If we understand the importance of sitting and standing straight and having the right posture we must also understand the importance of sleeping straight. But the fact that our lower torso is the heaviest part of our body presents a problem because it will naturally sink into the mattress.

The mattress must prevent this from happening by pushing the hips up so that our spine does not sag into a hammock shape.

Poor support from mattresses is one of the leading causes of back pain and a dead giveaway that you are not being supported properly by your present mattress.


What is pressure relief?

The material that comes to mind when you think of a mattress is foam. As a matter of fact, the only material that most of us associate any mattress with is foam. However, the thing with foam is that when you compress it, it creates a hard surface. So as your hips press into the mattress, it creates uncomfortable pressure points. As a result, excessive pressure points on the skin cut off blood flow to the tissue causing pain.

The brain knows this and will automatically wake us up from the deeper stages of sleep so that we can turn over. Tossing and turning deprive us of a good night sleep. It’s time to replace that foam.


Are you making the right choice?

At this juncture, I think it is beginning to dawn on us that a mattress isn’t just a mattress. The problem with the mattress industry is that no mattress provides all the components required for a healthy sleep, except the Intellibed.


Intellibed has redefined the solution to a blissfully restorative sleep. How? By using cutting edge design, proven materials, and science to seamlessly mesh the five pillars of healthy sleep into the mattress. It has effortlessly ensured the mattress is ideal for deep sleep.


So what are the five pillars of healthy sleep?

  •    Support: Superior spinal alignment that reduces back pain
  •    Comfort: Better pressure relief to minimize tossing and turning
  •    Safety: Gel Matrix, 100% non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials
  •    Durability: Lifelong comfort and support
  •    Temperature: The perfect sleeping temperature.


If you compare the other brands of mattresses against the Intellibed technology, they miserably fall short of attaining all the five pillars of healthy sleep. At best, some will attain only two components and compromise on the rest. It may be because of their structural makeup.

This lack of accountability places the Intellibed ahead above the rest as the best sleeping surface.


Other well-known technologies include  

  •    Foam/Latex
  •    Memory Foam
  •    Air chamber
  •    Pillow Top


Intellibed “Simply the Best.”

So what material does the Intellibed utilizes that allows it to meet the five pillars mentioned above? Simple, Gel Matrix.

Welcome to the world of the Gel Matrix. For many of us, this is a revelation, but during Bob’s day at his previous company R&D, they set out to invent a replacement material for foam in mattresses. And that marked the genesis of the Gel Matrix advanced cushioning material.

Gel Matrix has several distinct advantages over the foam, and that’s what makes the Intellibed the ideal sleep surface.

  1.  It is the Best Pressure reliever

Gel Matrix is the most pressure relieving material ever created!

The polymer gel material is formed into a gel comfort grid that enhances the cushioning ability of the material. Instead of just compressing like foam, the gel grid collapse under the hips and shoulders allowing just those areas to sink deeply into the mattress with no pressure points.

When Intellibed mattresses featuring Gel Matrix are subjected to Pressure map testing, it was 80% more pressure relieving than memory foam, latex or polyurethane foam.

  1. Durability

If mattresses were a race, the Gel Matrix would be the ultimate marathon. It is in the most literal way a lifelong companion.

When subjected to durability testing, Intellibed mattresses soften less than 5% over the life of the mattress. Gel Matrix is indestructible. More often than not in mattresses, a compact is mistaken for durability and soft for comfortable. This misconception is shattered by Intellibed’s right balance of these precise features.

When a mattress gets these features right, it benefits everyone and becomes a solution for those with sensitive backs and those who are prone to misalignment.

  1. It is non- toxic

The raw material for Gel Matrix is also being used for the baby bottle. In fact, when subjected to a handheld toxicity meter the gel matrix has no toxic content at all. It doesn’t get any safer than that!

Gel-Matrix has been thoroughly tested using standard cytotoxicity and hemolysis tests and was found to be among the most reliable materials used in mattresses.

It is also hypoallergenic, making it a suitable option for people sensitive to allergies.

  1. It is Temperature controlled

Gel-Matrix does not trap heat against your body, and neither does it soak the heat out of your body enabling a neutral temperature as you sleep.

After dealing with mattresses that are too hot or too cold, finding one that quickly regulates the temperature is gold especially with the unpredictability of today’s climate.



It is an innovation that seems too good to be true, yet you can have it at a click of a button. After such an attractive and functional discovery no one should lose sleep because of a hard, lumpy or saggy mattress. Over and above being able to confer you to the depths of ‘sleeptopia,’ the Intellibed allows your body to heal and repair itself holistically.

You may be tempted to say Bob Rasmussen disrupted the mattress industry. Well, through the Intellibed he just did!


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