The Best Mattress Review of 2017

The secret to good health and wellness is through proper rest and enough sleep. This isn’t anything new but more than ever getting a good nights sleep is a challenge for so many which is why finding the best mattress of 2017 is more important than ever. The good news is that there are more choices than ever when it comes to finding a great bed but the downside of that is simply that there are just so many choices out there it can be hard to know where to start. Should you go to a retail store or buy one of the newer online brands? These are the questions we had as well which is why we set out to figure out what is the best mattress out there on the market today. Below you will find some solid information about what to look for in a mattress, what makes a great mattress and our in depth review of the top 6 mattresses on the market today. 

The Best Mattress Review of 2017

Image Product Feel Trial Period Warranty Overall Rating
The Lessa Mattress   Check Lowest Price
Medium 100 Nights 10 Year A+
Loom and Leaf Check Lowest Price
Med or Firm 120 Nights 15 Year A+
Nest Bedding Check Lowest Price
Medium 100 Nights 20 Year A+
Saatva Mattresses Check Lowest Price
Soft, Med or Firm 120 Nights 15 Year A
Amerisleep Mattress Check Lowest Price
Medium 100 Nights 20 Year A
Ghostbed Check Lowest Price
Medium 101 Nights 20 Year A-

Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Mattress

Choosing your mattress can be challenging, for there are a lot of brands and models variations and innovations available now, thus, we have compiled a list of key factors for you to consider before making that purchase.


Comfort is the very first thing to look for in buying a mattress is the support it can offer. A good mattress is one who can give you a good quality of sleep despite the quantity. Don’t just go for one bed that is the best for everyone or in the market. Focus on your comfort level because each and every person has their set of preference when it comes to comfort.


The size of your mattress should be based on your need of space when sleeping. If you are the type of sleeper who loves to toss and turn around, the best king size mattress is advisable for you plus it offers extra space for couples. Mattresses come in different sizes, and the size of your mattress should be matched with your sleeping style and your partner’s (if there is any).

Softness and Firmness

Softness and firmness labels found on the site’s product description or the mattress’ manual is not an accurate indication to get the exact specifications of your mattress’ core that will fit your body’s weight and sleeping position, experience and feel is a must in selecting the best bed and mattress combination for you.

Your Budget

Because the best mattress is an investment, allocate ample amount of money for your dream sleeping tool. Consider Luxury mattress not just for aesthetic purposes but also for the health benefits it might bring you.


You should take into account the availability and scope of the warranty of your mattress. A good mattress should last up to the maximum of ten years of use, and depending on the terms and conditions of your warranty, you should be ensured of the damages it might incur along the way. Peruse the detailed description of your possible warranty card or contract before purchasing.

Don’t rush your decision. Consider all your options and take the time to read reviews and do more research online. The very last thing you want is to spend your five years or more suffering every day because of a severe type of mattress choice.

The Top 6 Best Mattresses Review of 2017

Here are our unbiased reviews of some mattress we choose from the many lists of brands. With highlights given both on the positive and negative side of ownership and usage, let’s take a look at the leading brands in the market today.


1.) The Lessa Mattress


The Lessa mattress is among the best mattresses that are made in the US. It boasts the three combinations of layers and sheets which are Cooling Avena Foam, Pressure Relieving Memory Foam, and Dense Core Support. These three layers of high-quality foam give out cooling effect and bounce, contouring pressure that will take your shape with enough core support that will make you an amazing sleep and relaxation. Combined with the right surface of the foundation, this mattress is worth your money.


  •    With six various sizes and two options for cover to choose from
  •    Lessa sleep is so confident with this product that is offering 100-nights risk-free trial
  •    The upper layer provides just right softness while the inner layer supports just right firmness
  •    It is packaged well in a box, so the delivery is swift and setting up is such as a breeze


  • You need an exact specification of bed slats to achieve the effectiveness when setup in bed.
  • You need to purchase a specified mattress protector separately.
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2.) Loom and Leaf

The Loom and Leaf is a type of memory foam mattress, and yes, it is more on the luxury side. Depending on your preference, customization of your bed is possible on this brand. They offer two measurement options for firmness so you can choose your comfort level. You can choose from Loom and leaf relaxed firm to Loom and leaf Firm. They are also utilizing cooling gel technology which relieves pressure points and provides total ergonomic support.

Loom and Leaf’s virtual presence alone allows for paperless transactions plus their manufacturing processes are eco-friendly because they are committed to the environment.


  •    Their foam is made of plant-based materials that are organic and are handcrafted
  •    They do in-home setup and full delivery service
  •    They offer 120 days home experience trial, so you can do enough comfort test before buying
  •    Secure online transaction and friendly customer service
  •    It solves back issues, and other body aches problems because of its associated memory foam technology integration


  •    Memory foams are known to be heavy because of its dense materials, so it is hard to move around the house or room
  •    Because also of its material there is off-gassing of a chemical odor during the initial use  


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3. The Alexander Signature Hybrid

Hybrid mattresses are gaining more popularity nowadays. With its versatility and several accommodations in one solution, a suitable combination of the feature of several mattresses is the most superior model. This mattress featured convoluted foam surface and infused with Cooling Copper memory foam that will regulate ideal body temperature when sleeping. With the new Thermic Phase Change, this mattress can adapt its features to the current weather conditions to give a comfortable sleeping time.


  •    They offer 100 days exchange policy or return policy
  •    It can be put on traditional box springs, and it is compatible with various bed frame and any hard surface or base
  •    It is compressed-pack, so customers are given cost-effective shipping option and to make it surely compatible through any house doors.


  •    You have to place it on a non-flexible base so as to not experience any soft spots on some areas of the mattress.
  •    To preserve the warranty and for a long time of use, it requires a mattress protector.
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4. Saatva Mattresses

This mattress is said to be America’s best-priced luxury mattress. On a mattress comfort scale of 1 to 10, Saatva gives three choices for comfort level. Saatva Plush Soft is set at level number 3 and is for those who prefer the soft mattress that hugs and conform easily to their shape. Saatva Luxury Firm is at level 5-6, perfect for those looking for “just right” firmness (not too soft and not too firm). Saatva Firm, on the other hand, is at level 8, ideal for those seeking durability but minus the hardness. Saatva has the highest rating on Google rates among all other mattresses brands.


  •    Because the foams are made from organic materials, there is no off-gassing of chemical odors even when you are using it right way after the delivery and setup
  •    You can choose the exact firmness to your liking making you look forward to sleep every night.
  •    Saatva delivers smooth online as well as over-the-phone ordering process.
  •    They have excellent customer service for after-sales concerns and troubles.
  •    They offer the friendliest return policy after 120 days home trial in the luxury mattress market.
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5.) Amerisleep Mattress

With a set of affordable prices, Amerisleep is among the top manufacturing company that boasts the value of luxury memory foam mattress. They have five models with different firmness levels you can choose from. Their soft collection includes Liberty Medium and Colonial Medium soft while their Firm Collection includes Americana and Revere medium business. Both groups offer some particular set of features that is unique and beneficial to your body needs.

Prices range from $849 to $2099 depending on your desired firmness level, sleep style, and comfort preference. Its technology and design have been improved from the many years of experience they have.  


  •    They have five different variations of models to choose from
  •    They also offer 100 days trial money back guaranteed
  •    It has high-temperature sensitivity so it can detect and adjust to the sleeper’s body temperature needs
  •    Depending on your chosen model with comfort level, the first layer is soft enough to conform to your shape, but the core is firm sufficiently to support your weight, so you don’t sink deep


  •    To level the foam Amerisleep mattresses requires a tasking rotating maintenance every three months or so
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6.) Ghostbed

The Ghostbed brand has been around for several decades now; this is a product of years of research and enhancement in the mattress industry. Their mattress is featuring its layered foams consisting of the top layer with cooling effect because of its natural aerated foam feature, the middle layer that is a gel memory foam that serves as the support and can prevent heat retention. Lastly, the bottom layer that is high-density foam that served as the foundation of the mattress.

For a price of less than a thousand dollars, this mattress is your wisest choice if you are on a tight budget.


  •    They offer 101 nights free trial for you to have the proper experience
  •    Compressed and packaged in a box for easy handling and delivery
  •    Ghostbed has a great support that doesn’t make any sleeper sink immediately and can  hold up to 700 pounds
  •    It can solve individual body and pressure pains while sleeping
  •    You can choose from six different sizes from Twin size to Cal King


  •    There is only one firmness option available for you
  •    Heat and compression issues of its foam material
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