The Best Latex Mattress Review of 2017

If mattress shopping is on your mind, then it is important to consider the following facts. A coil spring mattress will only last you a maximum of 8 years while investment in one of the best latex mattress of 2017 gives you over 20 years of service life. Latex mattresses are allergen free with resistance to mold and also provide natural spine alignment and pain relief.

Their increasing popularity has made them a well-liked option for many a discerning shopper. You can choose from all latex, natural latex, and latex hybrid. Choosing the best choice can be tough, that’s why we’re here to guide you.


What is the difference?

Natural latex: While this option may feature only 10% all natural latex companies tend to still refer to these mattresses as completely natural. Natural latex, which is formed from the extract of the rubber tree (Hevea Brasilian’s) is expensive hence the reason why manufacturers prefer to mix natural and synthetic latex.

All latex: These types of mattresses have latex incorporated in all comfort layers within them. However, do not be surprised to find foam in some all latex mattresses.

Latex Hybrid: The most popular of the three options, the hybrid combines latex and memory foam. Memory foam is well known and revered for its pressure relieving properties. When putting together the firmness of latex and the responsiveness of memory foam make a perfect combination that works well in mattress construction.


Why choose a latex mattress?


Durability – Latex has been proven to be a sustainable material. You can easily enjoy your latex mattress for over two decades without seeing any change in the quality.

Safety – Natural latex is one of the safest and healthiest compounds used on mattresses on the market today. While petroleum and other chemicals are commonly found in many mattresses, latex mattresses are tested to ensure no harmful toxins are found within them. Oil and the like are known to aggravate allergies making them dangerous for consumers.


Pain relief – Touted for its firmness and ability to realign the spine, most users report almost instant pain relief after a few days to weeks of using a latex mattress. It conforms to the contours of your body and places extra pressure on certain points like the hips and shoulders to properly align your body and alleviate pain.

Motion Isolation – With regular mattresses any movement from your partner can be starkly felt on your end of the bed as well. Latex mattresses, on the other hand, have motion isolation which ensures movements by either partner are mitigated and therefore not felt on the other side of the bed.


Latex Construction

Latex foam is found in 2 forms: Dunlop and Talalay. Dunlop latex is directly created by pouring the latex into a mold forming a uniform piece with one firmer side (usually the bottom where the latex settled during pouring). Talalay, on the other hand, features a smaller amount of latex poured into the mold followed by an air extraction process. To create, firmness the latex is frozen before later being split into pieces which are then glued back together for a stronger result.


The Best Latex Mattress Reviews of 2017


4.) Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress – Medium Firmness



Best suited for people who prefer to sleep on their backs or sides, this medium firmness latex mattress offers extra support and a firmer surface. It is beautifully hand sewn with emphasis placed comfort, durability and ease of use.


Best Features

–    Made of New Zealand wool, 100% natural latex and 100% organic cotton

–    Green guard gold certified by UL

–    Comprehensive ten-year warranty

–    Comes already assembled



The medium firmness pure green natural latex mattress is the most popular of the pure green line of mattresses. The base is made of a 6” layer of 100% pure green natural latex foam, supportive, strong and durable.  To temper, the firm base, a soft and pliable 2” layer of the same pure green natural, latex is laid on top, and for added comfort, New Zealand wool is stuffed into the mattress cover.


Ratings and Reviews

Consumers have given the pure green natural latex mattress a four-star rating because it strikes the perfect balance between softness and firmness. Besides, it is odorless and safe for all allergy-prone consumers and according to many reviews lives up to its claim of relieving pressure points as you sleep.


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3.) Casper Sleep Mattress, King



The Casper Sleep Mattress King award-winning mattress from the Casper brand follows the contours of your body ensuring comfort. It is ideal for everyone regardless of your sleeping style. In fact, it offers a healthy and organic spring back with cool temperatures.


Best Features

–    Hypoallergenic open cell latex

–    Comprehensive 10 Year Warranty

–    100 night trial with free returns within 100 days of receipt when bought on Amazon



The Casper Sleep Mattress King has been made to provide the perfect balance of bounce and sink to your body; this is as a result of the four layer latex foam construction which has incorporated adaptive transition foam, support foam, and responsive memory foam. Whereas latex mattresses have a reputation for being hot, this mattress keeps you fresh because of its open cell hypoallergenic structure.


Ratings and Reviews

With a 4.3 star rating the Casper Sleep Mattress, King is a perfect choice all types of sleepers. According to most consumers, you are in for an ideal sleep climate with cool temperatures.


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2.) The Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex –



Featuring superior comfort! The nest bedding hybrid mattress utilizes a combination of natural latex and foam allows you to enjoy naturally induced sleep. It has no memory foam as other hybrid latex mattresses do, however, the bottom and sides have been fitted with quilting foam. The sleeping surface is entirely made up of latex.


Best Features

–    Organic cotton and 3” of natural latex

–    5 zone individually wrapped coil unit (a total of 1100 loops)

–    100-day exchange policy



The 13” high mattress comes fitted with four sturdy handles to help you move it quickly. The base features a five zone pocketed wrapped coil unit that provides durable support with a supple feel. It also has the option of two different customizable sleep environments with a latex split that separates the two allowing you to choose between a firm and a medium mattress depending on your preference.

Ratings and Reviews

Consumers who have invested in the nest bedding hybrid latex have given it 4.4 stars. Its performance, based on the pain alleviation and accommodation of types of sleepers, has generated hordes of satisfied customers who keep returning and referring other.


Brooklyn Bedding –



Brooklyn Bedding mattresses have been conceived with comfort in mind. In fact, they have taken into account every type of sleeper and even bed frames and tailored their product to these needs and measurements. You are assured of decades of quality when using Brooklyn bedding mattresses as their durability is par none.


Best Features

–    Free 120 night trial

–    Organic cotton and hypoallergenic



The core is made up of 6” high-density poly foam which is resistant to sagging despite your weight. The mattress features both Dunlop and Talalay latex. The Talalay latex provides the comfort layer that allows your body contours to lie comfortably on the mattress while the Dunlop latex is the transitional layer between the core and the top comfort layers of the mattress. It is designed to fit most bed frames and can work just as well on the floor as well.


Ratings and Reviews

With a score of 4.2 from customers, Brooklyn bedding is a favorite with people of all girths and sleep patterns as everyone are well accommodated on the mattresses. Users were particularly satisfied with the comfort levels as well as firmness of the medium range of mattresses which also happen to sell the most amongst all their mattresses.



To be quite honest shopping for a mattress is a convoluted affair, let alone a latex one. It is time-consuming and unless you love interior design, can be very unexciting. After a few hours of looking around, all the mattresses begin to look the same and you could quickly lose interest. It is, however, important to note that there are very many factors to consider before making a purchase. Having said that, in order not to get distracted by these issues, we recommend that you

  1. a)    Make a list of what you need in a mattress
  2. b)    Consider your budget
  3. c)    Find your partner/spouse
  4. d)    Get you environment

All of the above will make it easier to make a decision and stick to it. In some instances, you may need to talk to your physician especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions.  Finding the best latex mattress is akin to finding the best workout routine for your needs. They both stay with you for life and give you peace every time.


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