Marketing advertisements are created to influence customers and their shopping behaviors intentionally. Ads are intended to be catchy, and it is designed to entice the target market about a particular product being offered by the companies. However, some manufacturers are also known to mislead consumers with vague and misleading statements about their offerings, which could adversely put your health and safety at risk.

Thankfully, we have seen a rise of savvy consumers who flock to retailing websites to do their research before buying any products through reading product reviews. That goes on to say that we should not underestimate the wonders of word of mouth. Good advertisement campaigns may lure consumers to buy products at first, but they are merciless if the actual performance fell short of the promised benefits. Nowadays, we almost never make a purchase without reading product reviews from online stores.

About Citizen’s Eye

Consumer reports are not “fool-proof.” The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was probably the best smartphone ever made, according to critics and to the millions of customers who got a hold of it. Then the incident of exploding batteries happened.

We hope you also did not forget about the incident involving poisonous chemicals that are mixed in your everyday products. People only find out about it after reviews of such products came out.

On a lighter note, it pays to buy products that are considered safe and suitable for everyday use from people’s recommendations. Independent reviews also boost consumer confidence that translates to making a purchase later. In the point of view of the manufacturers, a constructive criticism pushes them to improve their products further.

In line with this, Citizen’s Eye is committed to delivering reliable reviews about your everyday items.

Citizen’s Eye provides product reviews free from economic influence since we care about the best interest of consumers.

We rigorously conduct tests to ensure you get the best and worst of these everyday items. Getting the best out from your hard-earned money is also our priority in Citizen’s Eye. We already know good marketing has a direct effect on consumer behavior. However, product reviews also do as much – especially when it comes from unbiased sources. Our reviews may come as recommendations or warnings if you are curious about a particular product.

Citizen’s Eye makes sure its reviews are representative of a broad demographic. Various factors such as gender and race are also considered, and so with the environmental impacts of using the product we review.

We also understand the need to move towards green and social responsibility. Some manufacturers cut costs in packaging through trading off environmental welfare which is considered unethical. That said, we hope to accomplish these points in our reviews.

We envision a two-way conversation by letting us hear your voice. While we publish online reviews, you may also send requests for products you want us to review for you. Note that we do not accept sponsorship or requests for advertorials because we want to retain our mission in the long term. In the end, we will uncover the truth, to give nothing but the best for consumers.