Citizens’ Eye Institute of Community Media

It was on 4th November 2013 during Community Media Week 6 that Citizens Eye successfully held the 1st International Community Media Day.

After exploring relationships across the globe the time is right to establish the Citizens Eye Institute of Community Media.

Its aim is very simple:

‘To showcase examples of communities across the globe using community media to change and improve local issues’

Unesco says:

‘Community media are characterized by their accountability to the communities they serve. They emerge as a result of popular movements that strive to attain an important space in citizen participation and demand the right to own and operate free from political or commercial interference’

Citizens Eye will be making contact with these global ‘community reporters’ through ‘free’ social media tools over the coming months as we build up to November’s four Community Media Weeks.

This includes the development of the Community Media Forum in partnership with a critical friend of Citizens Eye and supporter of community media, Rob Watson.


The tools will include: blogs, Twitter, Bambuser, Facebook, Vine, Skype, smartphone apps, Flickr Photostream, Audioboo, Tumblr, Linkedin, Pinterest, You Tube, Facetime etc.

As we explore Africa, we will also focus on the partnership with Joel Lukhovi in the creation of Citizens Eye Kenya and the opportunities opening with the Filmgoals NGO.

An interesting year ahead and I hope you enjoy the journey with Citizens Eye.

John C


world map flipboard

Citizens Eye will publish these examples on the site and use the following social media platforms: (links below and on home page)

Twitter @citizenseye
Facebook Citizens Eye
You Tube  CommMediaHub
Flickr Photostream Citizenseye
Audioboo  Citizenseye
iPhone app Citizens’ Eye
Flipboard Community Media

For further details email

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