Neighbourhood News & Carnegie Plan for Better Journalism

JC – I’m very pleased to announce that Lauren Pennycook will be visiting the Community Media Training School during Community Media Week. Please join her on Tuesday 5th November for a short presentation from 1pm at BBC Radio Leicester.

The Carnegie United Kingdom Trust works to improve the lives of people throughout the UK and Ireland, by changing minds through influencing policy, and by changing lives through innovative practice and partnership work.

The Carnegie UK Trust has a long-standing interest in the relationship between the media, civil society and democracy. In 2012 the Trust published a new report – Better Journalism in the Digital Age.

The report sets out the Carnegie Plan for Better Journalism, which aims to address two overarching objectives for achieving better journalism – to ‘raise the floor’ by improving minimum standards of behaviour by those who wish to be seen as credible news providers, and to ‘raise the ceiling’ through improved training, new funding and additional ownership models.

As debate about the future of the news media industry continues, the Trust took the opportunity to engage in the issue of funding models in a bid to improve innovation and competition in the sector.

In January 2013, the Trust launched Neighbourhood News, a £50,000 competition to improve local news reporting. The competition was open to local commercial media and civil society organisations with a project designed to meet the need for news in a clearly defined geographical area. Projects could cover a new area of content, work with new news gathering partners, or develop new platforms to deliver news.

The Trust received nearly 80 applications and our external Advisory Group, which included representatives from the NUJ, Nesta, and City University London, helped us to shortlist these. For the five winning ‘Carnegie Partners’ the Trust is making £10,000 available to launch or extend their projects during 2013-14. An update on their projects can be found here.

The success of the Carnegie Partners in meeting the need for local news and addressing the democratic deficit partly, at least, as a result of our funding over the course of a year will be evaluated by Talk About Local. With the monthly data provided to our external evaluator, the Trust will be able to build a picture of the Partners’ experiences and needs as local news practitioners. We will share our findings widely, with funders, policymakers and practitioners who we hope will be interested in replicating the themes of our project.

Further details from Lauren Pennycook, Policy Officer, and @LP_CarnegieUK

This presentation is organised in partneship with the Carnegie UK Trust.

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