Advancing Deafkidz Jamaica!

I have just returned from 3 days in Jamaica supporting a project called Advancing Deafkidz Jamaica! This new 3 year project funded by Comic Relief is a partnership between Deafkidz International and the Jamaica Association for the Deaf. Please click image below to view the Flipboard created during the visit:  


Documentary Media Month Programme

Documentary Media Month (1st-30th November) presents events, activities and workshops covering 4 areas:  film photography audio new media The month is dedicated to showcasing people, places and events through 4 themed weeks – local, regional, national and international. The programme includes the 5th Leicester Docfilm Festival There are still many workshops yet to be listed so please keep…


EMS Newsroom

The Flipboard magazine below was created during my first media session at English Martyrs School. The magazine will act as a collection point for content created by the media students and a useful resource fed by Citizens Eye to support their studies. Later in the year I will be returning to work with the new ‘EMS…


Documentary Media in the Classroom

Citizens’ Eye is a consultancy that provides ‘documentary media‘ packages in the following 4 areas: film  photography audio new media Citizens Eye can provide a bespoke consultancy service for any school interested in documentary media. School’s Invitation: Documentary Media Month (1st – 30th November 2014) provides opportunities for schools to host their own events and contribute content…


Highcross CSR Week

This week Citizens Eye and Wot Box Participation are hosting the Highcross CSR Week from the Wot Space. Small groups of Highcross staff have been visiting the following local organisations and creating media content: Homestart Leicester Leicester Charity Link DMU Mile2 Zinthiya Trust ARC Inglehurst Junior School Diversity Hub Click the image below to visit…


Training School Workshop Tuesday 3rd June

The next workshop will be held during National Volunteers Week on Tuesday 3rd June at BBC Radio Leicester. The workshop runs between 2-3pm and the theme is ‘documentary media‘ and its components film, photography, audio and new media. Citizens Eye Training School – the programme runs every first Tuesday of the month between 1-4pm at BBC Radio Leicester and is free to attend.


Documentary Media Month

The Citizens Eye organised Documentary Media Month will take place in November 2014. The theme of DMM 2014 is ‘documentary……using film, pictures, audio with people involved in real events to provide a factual report on a particular subject.’ There are 4 Community Media Week’s that each focus on a different area – Local, Regional, National & International – and include free taster…